Artisan Health & Safety

Sponsoring fire extinguishers for safer workshop…
An initiative towards artisan health & safety…

Artisan health & safety is often neglected at the grassroots level due to lack of awareness & limited resources. Sometimes, the artisans may not be fully aware of the potential hazards and risks associated with their work, or, due to limited financial resources, safety measures take a back seat. Addressing these challenges requires a multi-faceted approach that invol...Read More

New milestone for blue pottery artisans with advanced machinery…
A capacity building initiative by SETU….

SETU is associated with a no. of pottery artisans, including terracotta & blue pottery. We have helped their crafts to reach international levels by capacity building, quality improvement, design & functionality upgradation, installation of upgraded machinery, integrating new technology, training workshops etc. One of our blue pottery artisans is located in a small v...Read More

Menstrual hygiene awareness workshop with free sanitary napkins distribution…

An important & intrinsic part of our holistic development programs is to focus on health & general well-being of women. Keeping in mind the personal health of women, we conduct health camps & awareness programs from time to time. Despite so many efforts by Government & other women-centric agencies, menstrual hygiene still remains an area of concern amongst poor ...Read More

Free distribution of Sanitary Napkins and Masks to the artisans of SWRC (Hatheli, Tilonia)

With the spread of Covid pandemic, many unfortunate artisans lost their livelihoods. When arranging two square meals a day for their families becomes challenging, the women have to forego the “luxury” of using sanitary napkins. While many donors come to the rescue of the needy by donating groceries & food stuff, the need for sanitary napkins is overlooked, even though t...Read More

SETU’s humanitarian initiatives in the times of Covid Crisis…
Free distribution of Masks to the underprivileged ..

SETU is committed to provide sustainable livelihood to the artisan & laborer communities by providing them trainings for skill development, thus helping them to earn dignified living. But times have changed due to the current Covid crisis and laborers and artisans’ woes have increased as it has become difficult to go out and work. Many are not even finding daily job oppor...Read More

Spreading awareness on the importance of menstrual hygiene and free distribution of 6-month supplies of sanitary pads

Menstruation is a very sensitive issue and to talk about it openly is still considered a taboo in India, especially when it comes to the rural areas! Most women are not comfortable discussing about it. Keeping proper hygiene in those days of the month is very important as any negligence can give rise to serious infections. Thus, with an objective to raise awareness on the topic...Read More

Raising awareness about personal hygiene during the menstrual cycle..

Menstruation is a very important part of women’s life and proper information and good hygiene practices are necessary to avoid serious ailments affecting the body. There are many myths associated with the sensitive issue in our country and women specifically from rural areas and economically weaker sections of the society are not aware about the importance of hygiene during t...Read More

Sponsoring machinery for increasing productivity of bone artisans..
Infrastructural support for artisans..

In a bid to improve their skill sets and productivity, SETU is always committed to support the artisans in every possible way. For this, we also conduct workshops and sponsor machinery items as and when required. Our bone artisan group is engaged in making rare and beautiful jewelry & other artifacts' from bones. In the past, the group was facing a pollution problem at t...Read More

Free Eye check-up camp and distribution of spectacles…

SETU is committed to provide access to quality healthcare to its associated artisan groups. To achieve this goal, we conduct health camps at regular intervals. In the series, we organised an eye check-up camp for our partner artisan group, ‘SURE’ , an NGO based in Barmer, Rajasthan. The camp was conducted for a period of four days starting from 24th June to 27th June 2019. ...Read More

Installation of saw-dust control systems for wood carving artisans..
Another initiative towards ensuring artisan health & safety..

SETU is committed to improve the working conditions and processes of our partner artisans. Ensuring artisan health & safety is one of our primary objectives. And for this, we schedule regular team visits to our associated groups. Last year, in the month of December-18, SETU team (including our CEO Rashmi Dhariwal) visited one of our partner artisan groups engaged in maki...Read More

Providing Infrastructural support to the wood carving artisans..

With an objective to support the underprivileged artisan groups by providing them with required infrastructure & reduce artisan drudgery, SETU team had visited its wood carving artisan group based inU.P. in April 2018. Upon interacting with artisans & assessing the work place, it was found that artisans lacked the basic infrastructure like work shed, machinery & ...Read More

Providing advanced machinery & fostering Market Readiness… an endeavor of SETU/ Kallista to uplift the Silver Jewelry artisans..

Since ages, different forms of craft work have been practiced in India and widely appreciated across borders. This is true for Indian silver jewelry & artifacts as well.. Indian men and women have an unmatched inclination towards gold and silver jewelry. Gold & silver are also passed on from generation to generation as heirloom collection! However, with the changing ...Read More

Providing quality healthcare services to the artisans ..
Health is their most precious asset!

Health and Eye checkup Camp & distribution of spectacles for the wood carving artisans. Date: 24th September, 2017 SETU strives towards making healthcare accessible to the artisans and in this effort, regularly conducts health camps for the under-privileged artisan groups associated with us. In the series, a full-day health and eye checkup camp was organized for the woo...Read More

Installing Dust control systems for the jewellery making artisans.. Ensuring artisan health & safety..

At SETU, we believe in ensuring a safe, healthy and eco-friendly working environment for our partner artisans. This is very essential as the quality of environment in which the artisans work, directly & indirectly impacts their health. The craft work sometimes create dust and smoke that may have an adverse affect on the health of the artisans. Similar scenario was observ...Read More

Free Eye Check-up Camp and distribution of eye-glasses for the jewellery making artisans..

SETU organised a three day long, free eye check up camp for the jewellery making artisans. Based at New Delhi, the artisan community is specially deft in fine carving skills in bone & metal. Jewellery making is the main source of livelihood for them. They have been associated with SETU for the past many years. Jewellery making is a craft which requires attention to minute ...Read More

Providing modern furnaces to the copper bell artisans of Bhuj, Kutchh.. ensuring artisan health and safety..

Bell making is a traditional craft of the Muslim Luhar community residing in the Kutchh region of India. The art form is the sole source of income for the majority of the local population here. The work is carried out by the entire family involving women artisans also. In order to make these artisans self sustainable and to provide them a market platform , SETU has partnered...Read More

Free Health and Eye Check-up Camp for Wood Carving Artisans

Place: Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh Date: July 24th, 2013 For any artisan, the physical well being is of utmost importance. Their work involves a lot of physical labor and is largely dependent on their state of health, specially the accuracy of their vision! Ironically, due to lack of awareness and struggling financial condition, most artisans keep their health at almost the last ...Read More

Free Health Check-up Camp for Crotchet Lace Artisans

Venue: Seetharamapuram, Andhra Pradesh (April 30th, 2013) SETU strives to achieve social, economic and environment sustainability for our partner artisans. Ensuring sound health of artisans is very important for their general well being. Due to lack of awareness, education and many times funds, most artisans are forced to neglect their health and keep health issues at the...Read More

Ensuring Healthy Work Place For Jewelry Making Artisans

SETU works with many jewelry making artisans, working with sustainable materials like metals, wood, glass, natural seeds, bone, tree resins etc.A large no. of items go through electroplating process. Electroplating is quick and easy process for imparting illuminating fine finish to jewelry. This process can however release acid fumes and may be harmful to artisans if not taken ...Read More

Free Health Camp for Artisans at Gwalior

Venue: Srinagar Basti, Thatipur, Gwalior, M.P. (May 13, 2012) SETU organised a free health camp on 13th May 2012 for the families of artisans and craftsmen in Srinagar Basti, Thatipur, Gwalior. Skilled artisans at Gwalior make a wide range of beautiful stone carving products, carpets and Textiles. These handcrafted pieces provide them self-sustainability. SETU follo...Read More

Generating awareness on sanitation and hygiene

Venue: Gwalior, M.P. (20 May 2011) Poor sanitation is the root cause of many diseases like typhoid and cholera which can sometimes prove to be fatal. But not many people are aware of this and consequently suffer from a range of health ailments which can be easily prevented by taking a few precautionary hygiene measures. Thus, with a view to create awareness on the importanc...Read More

Eye Refraction camp for the artisans of desert area

Venue:Dhanau, Barmer, Rajasthan (28th Nov. 2010) We organized an eye camp for our artisans of Dhanau, Barmer, Rajasthan on 28th Nov. 2010. It was in association with `Viva Terra’, one of our special customers based in USA. It was organized for our artisans at `Social work and Research Centre’ (Barefoot College), social activity wing of our partner artisan Cooperative `H...Read More

Safety kits distribution to Copper Bell Artisans

(September 2010) As part of our ongoing commitment to artisans’ health and safety, more safety kits were distributed to the bell making artisans of Kutch region in association with local NGO Khamir who is working towards revitalizing this craft since long. Need for safety kits arises due to nature of this art form. The bell making art involves heating of iron structures...Read More

Safety kits for Bell making artisans

(June 2010) Bell making is a traditional craft of the Muslim Luhar community residing in the Kutchh region of India. One section of the Luhar ironsmiths specialized in making copper & brass coated iron bells for cows, buffaloes, camels and sheep. Due to consecutive droughts, the cattle breeders could not buy bells regularly for their cattle over the years. The demand for...Read More

Eye check up camp for women artisans of the desert areas

(May 2010) For artisans, art is their soul. It assumes the highest priority for them not only because it is their source of income but also something very close to their heart, being an inheritance of their forefathers which they cherish throughout their lives. Art is their identity. A majority of the art, be it embroidery, appliqué work, hand block printing, bell making or...Read More

General Health check-up Camp at Gwalior

18th April 2010 SETU organized a health camp for the marginalized and downtrodden sections of the society at Gwalior. The target population consisted of below poverty Line people, Carpet weaving artisans and the like. Basic motive behind the camp was to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate people who otherwise are not able to get even the basic medical facilities. L...Read More

Taking Guard of artisan’s health

Artisans are experts in their respective skills but they do not care much about their health; one of the reason being that they can’t afford it and the other is their ignorance or lack of information on these matters. Working with a large number of artisans, we are aware of their sufferings and therefore consider it as our responsibility to support them. In one of our visit...Read More

Workshop on Health Safety and Quality

SETU, as part of its policy, organizes workshops for the artisan groups on a regular basis. These are an effective way to interact with artisans and know about their problems in a short period of time. In one such effort, a workshop was organized for our artisans near Bijnour (U.P.). These artisans are basically wood carvers. The three basic topics covered in the workshop wer...Read More

HIV/AIDS awareness camp for sex workers at Reshampura-Badnapura

12th Nov. 2009  The villages of Badnapura and Reshampura are inhabited by the people of Bedia community. Bedia is a traditional sex worker community. They have been living here for more than 50 years. The history of this community shows that in olden times, the Royal families and local lords, promoted this community for their entertainment because of their expertise in sign...Read More

Health camp for orphan children in Arunachal Pradesh

Children are tomorrow’s future. Most of the kids have their parent’s unconditional love to take care of them but there are some unfortunate ones who lack such support and require a helping hand from the privileged society. SETU team clearly understands this and on a timely basis tries to help these little angels. In one such effort, SETU sponsored a health check up Camp f...Read More

Free distribution of groceries & sanitary napkins to flood affected artisans in Orissa…

With the onset of pandemic, this year has been very unfortunate for many people, especially the daily wage laborers, artisans and the poor. A lot of artisans have been hit by multiple calamities, like pandemic & lockdowns, cyclones and then floods. A group of such artisans is associated with DSS Orissa, one of our partner artisan groups. Whatever was left with the artisans ...Read More