Free distribution of Sanitary Napkins and Masks to the artisans of SWRC (Hatheli, Tilonia)

With the spread of Covid pandemic, many unfortunate artisans lost their livelihoods. When arranging two square meals a day for their families becomes challenging, the women have to forego the “luxury” of using sanitary napkins. While many donors come to the rescue of the needy by donating groceries & food stuff, the need for sanitary napkins is overlooked, even though they are an essential part of women’s health. This is probably due to the ignorance and taboos associated with the menstrual cycle in the society and the women never have the courage to ask for sanitary napkins, when the family income is insufficient. And so, SETU team organized various camps for the women artisans of SWRC (Hatheli, Tilonia) to spread knowledge on the sensitive topic of hygiene during the menstrual cycle and about the precautionary measures to be taken during the current covid 19 pandemic.

6 such camps were organized, each in a different village & district, so that the women would not have to travel in this pandemic. In each camp, free sanitary napkin packs were distributed to the women, sufficient for at least 3 months. The importance of personal hygiene, especially in ‘those days of the month’ was discussed in detail. Women were made aware of the fact that just by practicing cleanliness, a lot of diseases can be avoided.

The current Covid-19 pandemic situation was also discussed and the message of properly wearing masks in public places was strongly conveyed. Artisans were explained that at present, the only available vaccine for the pandemic is regular washing of hands, maintaining social distancing and use of facial masks.Also, free masks were distributed so that the artisans can protect themselves from the ongoing pandemic.

A total of 800 women were given 2400 sanitary pads and 800 masks free of cost.