Covid Relief Projects

Free distribution of Grocery & sanitary items…
to the artisan families affected by Covid pandemic…

The second wave of Covid 19 has wreaked havoc in India. The situation has been a deadly nightmare. The whole nation has been affected in one way or the other. Economy suffered huge loss due to the two months lockdown, which is still continuing in many parts of the country. Be it urban or rural areas, the economic activities were hit hard by the pandemic. Many people who had ...Read More

Free distribution of Sanitary Napkins and Masks to the artisans of SWRC (Hatheli, Tilonia)

With the spread of Covid pandemic, many unfortunate artisans lost their livelihoods. When arranging two square meals a day for their families becomes challenging, the women have to forego the “luxury” of using sanitary napkins. While many donors come to the rescue of the needy by donating groceries & food stuff, the need for sanitary napkins is overlooked, even though t...Read More

SETU’s humanitarian initiatives in the times of Covid Crisis…
Free distribution of Masks to the underprivileged ..

SETU is committed to provide sustainable livelihood to the artisan & laborer communities by providing them trainings for skill development, thus helping them to earn dignified living. But times have changed due to the current Covid crisis and laborers and artisans’ woes have increased as it has become difficult to go out and work. Many are not even finding daily job oppor...Read More

Free Distribution of Grocery items to artisans in Orissa..

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world picture… it has changed our way of living, our job scenarios and almost everything around us!! Due to this pandemic, people who are worst hit are the ones living below the poverty line, the underprivileged people, daily wage earners & artisans, who are now finding it difficult to even manage their daily bread. For some, it is no...Read More

Covid Relief: Free distribution of essential commodities during Pandemic to Dhokra artisans.. (Orissa)

Place: Villages Navjiwanpur and Sadivareni (District Dhikanal, Orissa), 26 May 2020 The present Covid 19 situation has ruined economies, taken a toll on the whole world and is still showing no signs of slowing down. In India, the daily wage laborers and the migrant laborers are among the worst affected. They have no security and have to earn on a daily basis to fulfill even ...Read More

Hunger Alleviation Food Project during Covid Pandemic: Over 22,000 people fed till date…

With the outburst of Covid pandemic, millions of poor workers are now jobless….with no money and resources to feed themselves and their families. They are not beggars, but the poor daily wage laborers who have no one to support them at this time. These include immigrants who cannot even go back to their villages. They are trying to survive somehow… fighting hunger, fear and...Read More