Jewelry: The Age Old Art Of Adorning..

Ornate jewelry is an age old and proud cultural tradition in India. Every piece in our collection hints at a deeper story & culture.

Our partner artisans who make jewelry are scattered in different parts of North India, from urban slums of New Delhi to various rural & under developed towns in the vicinity of about 200 kms from Delhi. Most artisans belong to Muslim community. This is a traditional art, followed from generations. In ancient days, these artisans made jewelry & handicrafts by doing intricate carving on ivory. With ivory getting banned, these artisans started using other sustainable raw materials such as wood, metals, bone, glass, seeds etc. Artisans use numerous techniques to create a wide range of unique styles, such as etching, beading, wire drawing, polishing, electroplating, soldering, carving, braiding, threading, embroidery and so on. The entire community is very inter-woven and supports each other to create these unmatched beautiful pieces.

Other than providing sustainable livelihood opportunities, SETU supports these communities by providing financial aid, promoting girl child education, sponsoring computers & machinery, organizing free health & eye check up camps etc.

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