METAL WORK: The art of forging & engraving..

Metal work is an art form that dates back over 16th century in Rajasthan. Being the land of Rajput kings & fighters, metal craft was used to produce armors, helmets, swords & weapons. Huge stone “havelis” also had engraved & enameled metal decorations. Kings encouraged local wood craftsmen to integrate carved designs in their work. Even today, large palaces, havelis, forts, and local houses in villages carry traditionally carved antique doors and furniture, involving wood, metals & enameling work.

The metal work is inspired by battlefields, hunting scenes etc and involves processes like forging, embossing, engraving & lots of painting. And so, one can commonly find motifs & shapes inspired by elephants, peacocks, havelis, fighting soldiers etc. Green, blue & red are the most common colors used, which are symbolic of the Rajputi culture of those times.

We currently partner with local entrepreneurs, involving 150 metal craft artisans. They make home accessories like frames, boxes, decorative bells etc. The raw materials include reclaimed wood from old doors, windows, ships etc, sustainably harvested mango wood and MDF, a material made from recycled wood fibers. The metal engravings are produced with upcycled and salvaged materials such as iron, aluminum, bronze, and brass. Painting & some finishing work is done by women, whereas wood & metal work is done by men.

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