Supplier Eligibility

SETU-The Bridge To Artisans works with underprivileged and marginalized artisans in India. Our partner artisans belong to the following categories :

  • Anti-slave, anti-child labor.
  • Environmentally friendly processes & application of reasonable methods of production.
  • A respectful relationship between producers and buyers
  • A fair wage for the producers in local context.
  • A safe & healthy working environment for producers in the regional context.
  • Gender equality with respects to wages and working conditions.
  • The development of communities for self-sustainability in terms of social, economic,
  • environmental well-being & capacity building.
  • Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged or marginalized producers.
  • Preserving the culture & traditional skills of the artisans.


If your group belongs to any of the above categories and would like to partner with us for supplying handmade products to SETU, please fill-up the ‘Supplier Eligibility Questionnaire‘.

You can submit it on-line or e-mail or post it to us and we will get back to you.