Benefits For Our Customers

1. We offer modern products and traditional art

Our core competency is the combination of functional and modern product designs with the traditional art forms of our artisan communities in India. `SETU-The Bridge To Artisans’ follows fashion and market trends in international markets and uses these to guide the artisans so they can produce functional goods. We offer products that are high-quality, unique and serve a purpose. In addition, given the wealth of artistic skills among our artisans, we are constantly renewing our product line.

2. Product design and development

Our market focused business strategy has us constantly searching and developing new products and improving existing ones. We are continually seeking out new manufacturing partners, working with existing partners and investing in both to ensure that we stay ahead in all aspects of product selection, innovation and manufacturing technology.

By continually improving and reinventing our product range, we are able to consistently offer you your next best seller. Each product, new or existing is routinely assessed and reassessed on market demand criteria; price, design, manufacturing efficiency, sales efficiency, durability, ease of use and installation and environmental impact.

3. We are a direct connection – so create, customize and cut cost

We work directly with our artisans. This reduces the costs for our customers, makes the communication faster and makes lead times shorter. It also allows us to customize products to fit the specific needs of our customers. We also help & guide our partner artisans to make quality product and reduce waste and rejections, thus keeping the costs to minimum possible. There are immense possibilities to create unique and beautiful products by combining your ideas and skills of our artisans. We invite you to explore these treasured possibilities with us.

4. Quality Assurance

SETU is committed for quality assurance. We stress the need for efficient production and manufacturing techniques to reduce unnecessary waste. Our employees and manufacturing partners understand our requirement to produce consistent, high quality products. By working together with our quality control departments and inspectors, we are able to maintain quality control measures throughout the production process.

5. Timely Delivery

SETU understands international requirements to meet delivery time schedules and hence continually plans, guides and interacts with producers to ensure timely deliveries to our valued customers.

6. Trade not Aid

SETU believes in making conscious efforts for trade and to develop artisans and their community with a mind frame to earn their wages through dignified trade. SETU does not believe in making artisan community impaired by providing them free aid for meeting their day-to-day basic needs. Working with us gives you an opportunity to help the artisan community become self-reliant.

7. Participation in Fair Trade Chain

SETU being a conscious participant in fair trade campaign offers you an opportunity to participate in the Fair Trade chain by purchasing fair trade products.

8. We connect you to a new world

We work with artisans in various regions. Each region has its own unique art forms, different culture and means of communications. We spend time understanding and establishing a partnership with the artisans and use this partnership to connect them internationally. Each product has been handmade by one of our artisans and has its own story and identity.

9. Products with conscience/affecting and bringing forth the human element behind the merchandise

One can easily notice a slow but constant wave of change in the modern era as now-a-days more people prefer ethnic and Eco-friendly product. Today’s consumer is not only conscious but pays attention to his conscience also, before buying a product. Consumers today are not running towards fashion only but also are interested in knowing the story behind every product. They are interested in knowing about the ethical standards that are kept while making a product. They evaluate the product quality and beauty with the level of comfort of the artisan, while making that product. This is the reason behind the build-up of the ‘fair- trade’ concept, where one can ensure that full respect has been given to the artisans and their art too.

10. Eco-friendly & green products

SETU is also committed for environmental & social assurance. SETU believes that good working conditions and the protection of the environment are prerequisites for good Fair Trade. We strive to combine our strategy along with the commitment to environment and social responsibility. Our manufacturing partners and our employees are trained to work safely, to value time, energy and raw materials and to follow environmental waste, chemical and emission management procedures. Therefore, our products & manufacturing processes are Eco-friendly & sustainable. We offer a wide range of recycled, natural, organic and handmade products. Partnering with us and buying these products gives you an opportunity to fulfill your obligation towards nature & mother Earth.

11. We uphold your company’s image

We will help your company stay stocked with Fair Trade products while you continue to support social responsibility. Each of our products comes with information tags mentioning their environmentally and socially responsible aspects and artisan information. We also provide posters and point-of-sale information along with the merchandise for our retail partners to educate the end-consumers about the artisans that made their product.

Fair trade is a growing trend in the United States & in European countries. Conscious buyers are demanding more and more fairly traded products and green goods from their local stores and chains. Carrying Fair Trade substitutes and Eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products creates a sense of respect and loyalty within your customers for your store. At the same time, buying our products allows you to make your own contribution towards improving the lives of others.

12. We are a true global company

We are a truly global company with teams across the world. We have one team located in India that directly works with artisans on creating and developing our products and other team in US who gives Marketing support to our customers. Working with us will help you save on traveling and communications expenses, product experimentation, logistics, and most importantly, time. We are set up to create the products you need while meeting the people’s and planet’s needs.

13. We can promote your business!

We can help you promote your business or your events through our social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin). We would be happy to send out interesting facts and bits of information about your business, such as the remodeling of your store, a special sale, new product line, career opportunities, church sales, or a fund-raising dinner (basically anything fun) to the folks in your area and online. Write to us at to make it happen.

14. We offer marketing support

We will provide you with a free small poster every time we ship you an order. In addition, if you are carrying out a special fair trade event you can contact us at to receive high-resolution pictures of our artisans, our products or our posters.

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Here is an example of the kinds of posters we provide you with in every shipment:

We hope you enjoyed the journey with us so far. We will look forward to working with you.