‘Tips and Trends’ here aims to provide an insight to the various business elements, social & community development, the latest fashion updates from leading fashion houses and much more. This tab is basically designed keeping in view our artisan groups. We have tried to incorporate all the spheres related to artisans’ development here. This does not mean that our end consumers can’t benefit from it; they can follow the latest fashion trends and be in line with the changing face of world fashion !!

Development of artisans is a vital topic and needs to be dealt in depth. A lot of information is available related to this topic but it is somewhat complicated in the sense that it is much scattered and the artisans may feel lost trying to search for the relevant topics. It is difficult for them to understand all in one go. Knowing this fact we have tried to compile the information here in a simple manner so that artisans can use it for their purpose as and when needed.

In today’s scenario when the competition is so tough and trends are changing with the blink of an eye, artisans need to be updated with the latest stuff to catch this speedy pace of change, and only then they can design trendy products, cater to the needs of the target customers & stay competitive. To make this possible, latest fashion forecasts for next three seasons are being provided in this section, sourced from esteemed fashion houses. Also topics like design theory and colour theory are included to make artisans familiar with the design basics.

Marketing, Production, Packaging and Financial support tabs are designed to provide the artisans sound knowledge on these topics.

Majority of the artisan community is unaware of the hazards of various raw materials they use which can put a serious threat to their health & safety. Some shorthand information on safe work practices is provided in the “Artisans health and safety tab”.

“Human Resource Management” section covers the basic personality development tips which artisans can use for their personal and social development.

The process of community development along with its importance is covered under the “Community Development” head. Sustainability is the latest buzzword in the “Sustainable Practices” section.

To sum up, “Tips and Trends” is all about our artisans’ needs, a helping hand so that the true mettle of artisans can come out. Artisans have tremendous potential; what is required are some efforts from the privileged society to help showcase it.

We, at SETU, have tried our level best to bring together the relevant stuff at one place and have not left any stone unturned. If you still think something is lacking, or you need help regarding any problem, please feel free to give your valuable feedback or queries at