Wood Craft: The Ancient Art Of Wood Carving..

Wood craft history in India can be traced back to ancient times. Wood has always been considered to be auspicious. Ancient wood carved temples can still be found in some areas. The traditional craft of wood carving still plays an important role for many Muslim artisan communities in small towns and agricultural villages in north central India. These regions have abundance of trees which are commercially grown & harvested under strict Government laws to sustain wood crafts. The artisans use manual tools to skillfully carve blocks of sustainable woods such as Indian Rosewood (sheesham), mango, acacia etc into fine treasures. This art form requires mastery to create sculptures, do intricate carving, filigree and metal inlay work. Many of the floral, geometrical & figurative patterns are deeply influenced by cultural patterns from Muslim dynasties that ruled the region centuries ago. Artisans finish and detail each item, impart different finishes as per need, buff with wax and also use non-toxic paints.

Our woodcraft partner artisans belong to small collectives in the region. Literacy rates and income opportunities are quite limited in the area, so woodcraft production is vital for community livelihoods. Most wood craft artisans are men. Women usually work in finishing and production assembly.

SETU focuses on their continued development for sustainable income generation, skill up gradation & process improvement. We conduct & sponsor skill development workshops for local youth, free health & eye camps, sponsor tools & technically upgraded machinery, sponsor saw-dust control units to ensure safe & healthy work place and much more.

Pl scroll below to check the products made by these artisans.

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