Lalita Evil Eye Incense Holder – Hand Painted Blue & White

The Lalita Evil Eye Incense Holder features the famous hand painting of the blue pottery artisans of Jaipur. This work of master artisans has been passed down from generation to generation. This is an intricate traditional artform which is applied to modern design bringing age old talismans like the evil eye to life in beautiful, functional ways. This incense burner features one hole and is small enough for a space on a desk or altar or to accompany a bath-time, self-care ritual. It is compact enough to take along on travels and makes an easy gift for a incense lover, especially as part of a larger self-care, pampering gift set with a candle and a mug for example.

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Item Code: BPS 181


2"L, 3"W, 0.75"H