Sterling Silver: Pure, Beautiful, Sacred..

As per the Vedic astrometry, pure silver has affinity to the Moon & the planet Jupiter. It balances water & other fluid elements of human bodies. Silver is believed to bring energy, abundance, luck, beauty & happiness in the life of the possessor.

Since the ancient times, silver has been commonly used for making ornate & utilitarian items, such as ornaments, utensils, sculptures etc.. even enameled on thrones, buildings etc by the kings of the past. It is considered to be a precious metal and is used along with gold for high end jewelry. In India, silver is considered to be pure & auspicious and is used in worshipping, festivities, weddings etc. It is common to give silver in dowry, as it can be used in contingency by the couple or invested for future. Most silver is passed on as heirloom and stays within the family. Silver jewelry is very symbolic of culture & tradition and the styles vary from state to state.

For Silver jewelry, we work with “Sunar” & “Patwa” communities. These also include marginalized artisans migrated from Bihar & Bengal regions, in search of livelihood. They need to be highly skilled to handle this precious metal. Our artisans are skilled in various techniques, such as stone studding, filigree, embossing, engraving, carving, hammering, texturing, casting, soldering & fusing, beading, threading etc. Numerous finishes can be imparted such as matt, high lustre, enamelling, oxidising, rhodium plating, 24 carat gold plating & so on. All the raw materials used in our sterling silver jewelry are high quality, natural & sustainable. We ensure 92.5% purity of silver and the best quality precious and semi precious stones and raw materials to give our products a high end appeal and everlasting quality.

All our jewelry pieces are hand crafted by artisans in the royal Pink city of Jaipur. Being urban artisan community, their challenges are different. We provide them financial support, marketing opportunities, skill development trainings and sponsor tools & machineries so as to bring them at par with large manufacturers & exporters who dominate this trade.

The brand name of our exquisite sterling silver range is “Kallista”. Please click here to browse the range of sterling silver jewelry made by our partner artisans.