Free Distribution of Grocery items to artisans in Orissa..

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world picture… it has changed our way of living, our job scenarios and almost everything around us!! Due to this pandemic, people who are worst hit are the ones living below the poverty line, the underprivileged people, daily wage earners & artisans, who are now finding it difficult to even manage their daily bread. For some, it is not only the pandemic that is making their lives miserable, but recent cyclones like “Amphan” have further created havoc in their lives. Many are now left homeless too with this double blow of Covid & cyclone. SETU is associated with many such artisan groups who share the struggles that their artisans are facing in these tough times.

In the current scenario, when buying preferences have changed due to job cuts and fear of stepping out of homes, even the most skilled artisans, who create beautiful artifacts, are having difficulty in selling their products and consequently the sales have gone down leading to much lesser or negligible income than before.

One such group is the DSS artisan group engaged in Patta painting, Palm leaf baskets, applique & tailoring skills. Based in Orissa, the group has artisans belonging to the nearby villages of Jatni and Valinata who are now left with little or no work at all.

To support the artisan group, on 31st May 2020, SETU distributed free grocery items to 100 families residing in Bhuvaneshwar and nearby villages of Jatni and Valinata.

A total of 100 families i.e. 9 in Bhuvenshwar, 65 in Jatni and 26 families in Valinata have been provided free grocery items for one month. The details of the items are as follows:

  • 5 kg rice
  • 15 kg pulses
  • 1 litre edible oil
  • 500 grams salt
  • 2 bathing soaps
  • 2 protective face masks