Hunger Alleviation Food Project during Covid Pandemic: Over 22,000 people fed till date…

With the outburst of Covid pandemic, millions of poor workers are now jobless….with no money and resources to feed themselves and their families. They are not beggars, but the poor daily wage laborers who have no one to support them at this time. These include immigrants who cannot even go back to their villages. They are trying to survive somehow… fighting hunger, fear and insecurities. Even small children, old people & women have been severely affected. Hunger is rising & the need of food distribution is much more now. And so SETU continued its Food distribution project even in the lockdowns of Covid-19. Wholesome & fresh food packets are being distributed to 200 poor laborers every day! This is a daily program. The food includes seasonal green vegetables & chapatis (Indian whole wheat breads), packed in a ready to distribute pack. The food is distributed with the help of local police (Shyam Nagar Police Station, Jaipur), who is a playing a commendable role in managing the crowd and ensuring social distancing & safety norms.

This is distributed completely free of cost to these people. In addition to this, we have provided grocery & hygiene kits to approx. 200 families in tribal regions of Orissa. Till date (as on 28th July 20), we have provided nutritious food to more than 20,000 people during this pandemic period itself. The project is still running continuously… but the demand is increasing day by day… Our target is to increase the count to 500 people every day.

Distribution during lock down, following social distancing & safety norms..