SETU’s humanitarian initiatives in the times of Covid Crisis…
Free distribution of Masks to the underprivileged ..

SETU is committed to provide sustainable livelihood to the artisan & laborer communities by providing them trainings for skill development, thus helping them to earn dignified living. But times have changed due to the current Covid crisis and laborers and artisans’ woes have increased as it has become difficult to go out and work. Many are not even finding daily job opportunities and are unable to earn daily bread for their families. Handicraft sales have also reduced drastically. To add to that, many cannot afford the protective masks that are required to safely step out these days.

Thus, to equip them with safety gear, SETU distributed 1300 masks, completely free of cost, to artisans & laborers in Jaipur, Rajasthan from 1st to 8th of July 2020. The beneficiaries include artisans, daily wage laborers, sweepers & cleaners etc. They also include roadside vendors who sell fruits & vegetables, roadside ironsmiths and sculptors. The masks are reusable, made from 2 layered, good quality cotton fabric & sewn by our women artisans, following all precautions and hygienic practices. The women are part of a Self Help Group created by SETU and are making masks since the lockdown period from the comforts of their home. In the initial days, when the lockdown was imposed, they ran out of work and found it hard to support their families. At that time, SETU provided them training and necessary raw materials for the masks and asked them to work from their homes only. The women put their skills to use in testing times. Today they are earning well and supporting their families, as masks have become an important accessory for everyone!!