Free distribution of groceries & sanitary napkins to flood affected artisans in Orissa…

With the onset of pandemic, this year has been very unfortunate for many people, especially the daily wage laborers, artisans and the poor. A lot of artisans have been hit by multiple calamities, like pandemic & lockdowns, cyclones and then floods. A group of such artisans is associated with DSS Orissa, one of our partner artisan groups. Whatever was left with the artisans after lockdowns and cyclone, got inundated by the floods in the month of Sept-20. The redundant artisans were left homeless too, with no provisions.

SETU once again tried to help these artisans by distributing basic necessity items like dry ration, groceries and sanitary napkins. A total of 120 artisan families, covering a population of 600 people, based in Nimapada district of Puri, Orissa were provided with free supplies. Sanitary napkins were also provided as this is a very important area which is not paid any attention by most supporters.

Distribution of Free Groceries and Sanitary napkins by Setu team:

Packing of Relief Packets to be distributed:

Destruction caused by Flood: