Safety kits distribution to Copper Bell Artisans

(September 2010)

As part of our ongoing commitment to artisans’ health and safety, more safety kits were distributed to the bell making artisans of Kutch region in association with local NGO Khamir who is working towards revitalizing this craft since long.

Need for safety kits arises due to nature of this art form. The bell making art involves heating of iron structures coated with brass and copper powders, the process needing high temperature furnaces. Majority of the artisans still lack professional manufacturing infrastructure and work from their homes on local or homemade furnaces in absence of proper safety systems. Taking into consideration all these facts, SETU in association with Khamir provides the artisans with safety kits to ensure complete protection at workplace.

In a funfilled gathering the distribution of kits took place at Zura village, a remote area in Kutchh. A total of 25 safety kits including both basic and advance were distributed. Detailed demonstrations on using the kits were given by the Khamir team; in addition to this, the artisans were educated on health hazards that can arise in absence of any precautionary measures taken at workplace; safety kits being one of them. In the event, various other developmental issues were discussed. Artisans from nearby villages Bhuj, Zura, Kunariya (Bhuj Block), Nirona, Ratadiya (Nakhtrana block) participated in the event. The response was overwhelming as artisans want more such events to be organized in near future. Response to the safety kit equipments would be assessed on a regular basis.