Installing Dust control systems for the jewellery making artisans.. Ensuring artisan health & safety..

At SETU, we believe in ensuring a safe, healthy and eco-friendly working environment for our partner artisans. This is very essential as the quality of environment in which the artisans work, directly & indirectly impacts their health. The craft work sometimes create dust and smoke that may have an adverse affect on the health of the artisans.

Similar scenario was observed when SETU team visited our bone jewellery making artisan group near Moradabad. These artisans make jewellery & other decoratives from bones & horn procured from naturally deceased animals. The process involves grinding of bones that creates a lot of fine dust in the air. This is a traditional craft for this region and is being practiced from generations. It is one of the major means of livelihood for hundreds of artisans. Despite this, there is a lack of awareness/seriousness among the artisans regarding the side-effects of the long term inhaling of powder/particles. SETU took the observation seriously and suggested on installing dust control systems at the workplace and proposed to bear all the expenditure involved in the project.

The process of installation started in October 2015 and has completed recently in August 2016. The procedure of modifying the plant had to be carried out in phases so that the production process didn’t suffer. The infrastructure involves installation of exhaust fans & hoods at every work station, which pull away all the dust and collect it in a pit/channel, specially constructed under the ground. From time to time, the bone dust powder can be collected out of the pit and disposed off.

The work area is now quite clean & comfortable to work. Artisans are quite happy with the new dust control system and thanked SETU profusely for all the support and understanding towards their problems.