Free Eye Check-up Camp and distribution of eye-glasses for the jewellery making artisans..

SETU organised a three day long, free eye check up camp for the jewellery making artisans. Based at New Delhi, the artisan community is specially deft in fine carving skills in bone & metal. Jewellery making is the main source of livelihood for them. They have been associated with SETU for the past many years.
Jewellery making is a craft which requires attention to minute details and thus good eyesight. Eyes need to stay focussed during the work and in case of any ailments, it becomes difficult for the artisans to cope-up. Regular eye check up and proper eye care is essential for healthy eyes. Artisans are neither aware about the importance of regular health care, nor proper eye care is accessible to a number of the underprivileged artisan families; therefore SETU decided to conduct a free eye check up camp for them.

A team of expert ophthalmologists were appointed for the camp. Routine eye checkups were conducted & the visual acuity measurements of the people with weak eye-sight were determined so that custom eye-glasses with the desired optical configuration could be prepared for vision correction. Accordingly, the spectacles were made & distributed for free to the artisans with low eye vision. Patients having serious eye-ailments were also diagnosed.
Participants were also given a chance to select the eye-glass frames of their choice and they were quite happy with this, specially the women, who participated in the camp quite enthusiastically!