Workshop on Health Safety and Quality

SETU, as part of its policy, organizes workshops for the artisan groups on a regular basis. These are an effective way to interact with artisans and know about their problems in a short period of time. In one such effort, a workshop was organized for our artisans near Bijnour (U.P.). These artisans are basically wood carvers. The three basic topics covered in the workshop were safety, health and quality. The importance of all three were emphasized. Artisans were also distributed written material in which the tips related to these topics were given.

A quiz and slogan competition was also held in which the artisans participated enthusiastically. Lots of nice slogans regarding safety, health & quality were put forward by the artisans. High quality tool-kits were awarded as prizes to the artisans with the best slogans / write-ups.

Some of the prizes winning slogans are given below:

“Gunvatta karigar ki pehchan hain

Swasthya karigar ki reedh hai Suraksha karigar ka jeevan hai”


Quality is an artisan’s identity

Health is an artisan’s back-bone

Safety is an artisan’s life

“Suraksha manushaya jeeevan ki mahtwapoorna kunji hai

Yadi karigar suraksha ka dhyan na rakhe to durghtana ho sakti hai

Suraksha ko dhyan me rakhte hue karigar apne aujar thiye, motor ityadi ki niyamit janch karta hai

Karigar suraksha ko sabse mahtwapoorna manta hai.”


Safety is the most important key to a human being’s life.

If artisans don’t care about safety, accidents can take place.

Keeping safety in mind, an artisan tests his tools, motor, workshop regularly

An artisan considers safety to be the most important