Ensuring Healthy Work Place For Jewelry Making Artisans

SETU works with many jewelry making artisans, working with sustainable materials like metals, wood, glass, natural seeds, bone, tree resins etc.A large no. of items go through electroplating process. Electroplating is quick and easy process for imparting illuminating fine finish to jewelry. This process can however release acid fumes and may be harmful to artisans if not taken care of.

During prior visits to the artisan community, SETU along with the artisans discussed and analyzed any health concerns. After several meetings together and the consultations with experts, solutions were presented.  Artisans were counselled regarding concerns of electroplating & why measures are important for their health. Their positive involvement was very important to bring about the positive change needed for safeguarding their health.

The artisans finally transferred their electroplating unit on the entire rooftop floor of their building. This space is much larger and provides for proper ventilation. Acid tanks were also made with FRP – which is a glass filled fiber sheet – to avoid any leakage. Anti-shocking flooring was installed to support safe working. An industrial electrical connection was installed and follows all government compliance and is non-polluting. All required PPEs like gloves and masks are being used during electroplating for health safety. Thus the artisans could convert their work area into a healthy work place and took ownership of these developments.