Providing quality healthcare services to the artisans ..
Health is their most precious asset!

Health and Eye checkup Camp & distribution of spectacles for the wood carving artisans.
Date: 24th September, 2017

SETU strives towards making healthcare accessible to the artisans and in this effort, regularly conducts health camps for the under-privileged artisan groups associated with us. In the series, a full-day health and eye checkup camp was organized for the wood carving artisans on 24th September 2017, in a small town near Bijnor, UP.

The region is inhabited by predominantly artisans and their families engaged in wood craft. SETU is working with a number of artisan groups for many years and helps in selling manufactured wood products by providing overseas marketing platform and also aids in designing the artifacts by coming up with contemporary design ideas & conducting skill development workshops.

Ground work for the health camp started some days prior to the date on which the camp was organized. Most artisans keep their health needs at the back foot & do not give priority to their health unless it becomes absolutely necessary. And so awareness on the importance of health was emphasized during community mobilization. A team of 3 highly qualified medical practitioners, provided their services to the artisans.

Highlights of the Camp:

  • Artisans were checked for general ailments like cold, cough and fever in addition to detailed eye checkup.
  • Sensitive health issues related to reproductive well being were also discussed and checked for.
  • Optical correction numbers were also checked & vision-spectacles were provided for free in the camp, to the needy.
  • Post camp follow ups were also arranged with the respective doctors.
  • Around 478 artisans & their family members benefited from the camp.