Free Health and Eye Check-up Camp for Wood Carving Artisans

Place: Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh
Date: July 24th, 2013

For any artisan, the physical well being is of utmost importance. Their work involves a lot of physical labor and is largely dependent on their state of health, specially the accuracy of their vision! Ironically, due to lack of awareness and struggling financial condition, most artisans keep their health at almost the last priority. For SETU, ensuring health measures for our partner artisans is one of our topmost priorities.

In that fray, on the request of our wood craft artisans, SETU organized a free Health & eye-check up camp at Bijnor. Since these artisans are required to do intricate detailing on the wooden products and a lot of the artisans are quite elderly, special emphasis was laid on the eye-check up and vision correction.

A team of qualified health and eye specialists were appointed for the check up and treatment.

The various health care facilities which were provided during the camp are as follows:
• Free preventive health check-ups to detect general illness and risk factors.
• Free distribution of medicines.
• Free eye check-up.
• Advice, medication & exercises to improve poor vision.
• Free of cost distribution of spectacles for vision correction to the needy.
• Information on maintenance of general health & hygiene, prevention & cure of common diseases.

Nearly 325 artisans including men, women and children benefitted from the camp. Out of these, 175 patients were provided with free of cost eye-glasses.

The camp was indeed a huge success and the artisans expressed their desire to organize such camps frequently.