Sponsoring machinery for increasing productivity of bone artisans..
Infrastructural support for artisans..

In a bid to improve their skill sets and productivity, SETU is always committed to support the artisans in every possible way. For this, we also conduct workshops and sponsor machinery items as and when required.

Our bone artisan group is engaged in making rare and beautiful jewelry & other artifacts’ from bones. In the past, the group was facing a pollution problem at the workplace in which a lot of bone dust was emitted while making the produce, which could cause health issues . We installed pollution control system at the workplace which solved the problem significantly. Now, the artisans work in a dust free environment and are very happy with our support..

In the month of August, the artisans discussed with us the problem of untidiness inside the boxes that they make. They had to clean them  manually. But this was extremely time & labor consuming, reducing productivity. Also, the finishing achieved was not as neat as desired. They also had to send all the goods outside to outsource the singeing effect on wooden items. Artisans discussed with us the hassles & bottle neck in productivity and asked us to help them in this regard by sponsoring a compressor Machine & a burner for the group. And so SETU sponsored & installed a compressor & burner at artisans’ workplace free of cost. The machines have been installed and artisans are working with them. The results are good as the productivity has now increased manifold..and they have very less rejections due to quality & finishing issues.. 🙂