Installation of saw-dust control systems for wood carving artisans..
Another initiative towards ensuring artisan health & safety..

SETU is committed to improve the working conditions and processes of our partner artisans. Ensuring artisan health & safety is one of our primary objectives. And for this, we schedule regular team visits to our associated groups.

Last year, in the month of December-18, SETU team (including our CEO Rashmi Dhariwal) visited one of our partner artisan groups engaged in making a varied range of wooden products. We discussed the workplace conditions and any issues of concern faced by the group. It was found that they were in urgent need of wood cutting machines as they lacked the funds to purchase the same and due to which they had to travel for 3 hours to the nearby town to get the job work done. This causes quality loss & consumes a lot of productive time that could be used in the wood carving work. These machines were later sponsored by SETU in March-19.

Another issue observed by SETU team was that while carrying out the grinding & finishing work of wooden products, a lot of saw dust is generated, which when inhaled, may not be good for artisans’ health. To solve the problem, we proposed to install & sponsor dust pollution control systems, in addition to the wood cutting machines at the artisan’s workplace for safer and healthier working conditions.

Dust collection storage tank under installation..

The artisans were overwhelmed with SETU’s support and were excited to work on the feasibility of new system. It took almost 4 months to design & install the system at the workplace. It was a tough task to manage the renovation & installation, at the same time continuing the production process also. To review the new processes, we visited the group again this year in April-19. The scenario had changed..artisans were working with ease with the newly installed systems and were quite happy to breathe in cleaner, fresher air.

Two wood cutting machines, dust pollution control systems with exhausts & generators have been installed, which are sponsored by SETU. The positive difference is quite visible with the new machinery.

Workplace images before and after the new systems were installed respectively..

Below are the positive outcomes of the new systems:

  • Positive impact on the health of the artisans
  • Good for the environment as no pollution is generated.
  • Healthy & cleaner work environment
  • Productivity is increased by using the new systems
  • Economically beneficial to the artisans as more products can be made in the given time with ease.
  • Increase in self confidence of artisans..
  • Young artisans would be getting more opportunities to work..

Artisans at work with ecofriendly dust pollution control systems..