Free Health Check-up Camp for Crotchet Lace Artisans

Venue: Seetharamapuram, Andhra Pradesh

(April 30th, 2013)

SETU strives to achieve social, economic and environment sustainability for our partner artisans. Ensuring sound health of artisans is very important for their general well being. Due to lack of awareness, education and many times funds, most artisans are forced to neglect their health and keep health issues at the last priority. It was found that availability of doctors and health facilities were lacking in Seetharamapuram, a small village where our crotchet lace making women artisans dwell. Therefore, SETU sponsored a free health check up camp for these artisans on April 30th, on the request of S.L. Crotchet Lace group.

Four renowned doctors, including 2 gynecologists, 1 cardiologist and 1 of general medicine were appointed for the check up & treatment.

The basic aim behind organizing this camp was to provide the following health care facilities-

• Free health check up on general ailments and other common problems like Blood pressure disorders and Diabetes.

• Free distribution of Medicines

• Advice on RCH (reproductive & child health) issues

• Advice, medication & exercises to help reduce joint pains

• Information on maintenance of general health & hygiene, prevention & cure of common diseases.

About 81 artisans and their families were benefitted by the camp. The camp was a great success and the artisans wanted more such camps to be organized in future.