Chindi: The Sustainable Art Of Upcycling..

Chindi means “textile scrap” in the native language! As the name suggests, chindi weaving is one of the most sustainable art forms we work with. Traditionally, Indian women upcycle old cotton clothing & saris, creating useful items for their homes to save money and resources. For our products, cotton scraps and sustainable jute fibers are woven together and sewn to create beautiful, functional products such as rugs, baskets, trivets etc. These materials reincarnate into beautiful, colorful home additions.

The artisans are all under-privileged women, who work as a small Self Help Group. This group consists of 12 women artisans and is located in the state of Rajasthan in Northwest India. The village in itself is rural but well connected to nearby markets, allowing them to easily source & transport materials. Due to lack of education, they face unemployment, poverty & male dominance. They are even forced to work as casual laborers in the harsh environment of farming. Through their craft, they are now gaining independence and participating in trainings to polish their skills.

SETU not only supports them in providing sustainable livelihood, but also works on their socio-economic upliftment, such as conducting skill upgradation workshops, training programs, workshops on health, hygiene & women rights, sponsoring sewing machines & tools & so on…

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