Trend Forecast for Fall Winter 2021-2022

Color has always been very important in our lives. However, in today’s times, when there is too much information flow and attention spans are low, color becomes an important tool to stand out from the crowd. People are embracing different cultures and styles, but at the same time retaining their individuality, again longing to be recognized as individuals in a crowd. This season, we see individual colors with depth & saturation. Monochromatic trends magnify the power of a single color through all its varieties. As more and more consumers lean towards meaningful purchases, they are analyzing brand values and looking to buy not just a materialistic possession, but also a story and a belief, so color becomes a key to the right communication.

The Fall Winter season of 2021-22 continues to highlight the feeling for nostalgia and retro, but we also see an optimistic mindset, a positive mood and spirit expressed through color. The colors in trend are peaceful, reliable shades with ground neutrals that are classic…saturated, meaningful…like connecting contrasting stories of spirituality & lust.

Scroll down and have a look at the season’s latest color and style trends…

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Color Trends for the season:

Golden Harvest…

Golden Harvest offers a warm but pleasant mood. It has a comforting presence and a nostalgic appeal.


Bloodstone has a traditional, yet global mood. Based on heritage themes, it is a fusion of recently successful red& brown tones.

Dark Springs…

Dark Springs is an exciting alternative to the classic black, which has always been popular. This is a versatile tone.


Aqua is carried forward as a key color from the last spring summer, slowing the transition between the seasons. While it has an integrally natural quality, its saturation level gives it an enhanced, deeper blue appearance. Also, it is adaptable both for men and women.

Electric Magenta…

Out of all the colors of this season, Electric Magenta is probably the most energizing color, a dreamier version of berry tone. It resembles the more classic tones of red and burgundy, but with a playful appeal.

Style trends for the season:
Mythology/ Heritage…

This trend unleashes the deeper desires.… people tend to connect to their ancient past, tapping the emotions of spirituality & lust, blurring the gap between the two…. It can be created in a manner that is natural & authentic, as well as digital.


This trend is somewhat comforting and meditative, reducing the clutter. Each color has a strong, saturated presence.


This is an energizing trend, bringing out the nostalgia. In this time of change and unpredictability, the retro trend connects us with the older comforting world, yet also offers a window of escape.

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