Woven Wonder cushion cover

Woven Wonder cushion cover 1 Woven Wonder Cushion Cover 2 Woven Wonder Cushion Cover 3 Woven Wonder Cushion Cover 4 These cushion covers are handmade by artisans in small weaving units called pit looms, following the “kashida” art. The entire pattern is woven into the fabric by carefully choosing the various colors in the weft. There are 4 main patterns. You can click on the pictures to refer the code to the pattern.

Kashida, from the Persian word “to weave”, is a beautiful and unique art practiced by artisans in Rajasthan, India. Fairtrade is helping to keep this art alive, and helping it evolve into modern times. We are doing this by creating functional products, and connecting the artisans to an international market.

Colors: Black, Red, Cream

Composition: 100% Cotton

Variations of this product

URCC 101 – Black Pattern

URCC 102 – Red Pattern

URCC 103 – Red Central Band Pattern

URCC 104 – Cream Central Band Pattern

To learn more about the artisans who create this product, click here.


18″ × 18″