Our Upcycled Sari Collection gives new purpose to Indian textiles in thoughtfully crafted, eco-chic, and functional designs. This unique, reusable 8″ bowl cover is handcrafted with upcycled Indian textiles of vibrant assorted colors and patterns. The bowl cover is secured in place by elastic sewn within the cover’s perimeter, ensuring protective storage for your dish. The repurposing of discarded textiles and garments is featured in traditional textile arts of India. Upcycled design honors the spirit of sustainability and resourcefulness within local communities and provides for vibrant combinations with a one-of-a-kind quality.

-Fits 7-9″ bowl.
-Assorted upcycled sari fabrics.
-Machine washable on gentle cycle in cold water; hang to dry.

Item Code: UNB-919

To learn more about the artisans who create this product: Art Of Tailoring Artisans.