Tree of Life Applique Cushion Cover

These cushion covers are made from locally sourced, locally grown natural cotton. A tree of life is hand appliqued in the center. The applique fabric used was first hand blocked with interesting patterns made of natural dyes. Filler not included.

This product is made through the cooperation of 2 cooperatives. One is in charge of doing the hand block printing using natural dyes, while the other one hand appliques the tree of life on the cushion cover. All these people receive fair wages, work in a safe environment, and are given help to become self-sustainable.

Color: White cushion cover, blue tree, red tree, green tree

Composition: 100% Cotton

Variations of this product

VKCC 103 – Blue tree

VKCC 104 – Red tree

VKCC 105 – Green tree


To learn more about the artisans who create this product, click here.


18″ × 18″