Thread Art Necklace

These are fair trade handmade necklaces made by artisans in the Himalayan region of India. The color and designs in these products are a reflection of the culture in the region. They come in green, black and maroon with a yellow pendant, and lime and orange with a white pendant.

These necklaces are a beautiful combination of thread and metal – a thread is very neatly coiled over a string. Antique looking, metallic beads and pendants are used to complete the rustic look. The button at the back of the necklace is the actual currency of this region – one Paisa coin.

Color: Green, black, maroon
Composition: Cotton + Nickel free metal

Variations of this product

HP 101 – Green Thread Art Necklace
HP 102 – Black Thread Art Necklace
HP 103 – Maroon Thread Art Necklace

To learn more about the artisans who create this product, click here.