Rajiyah Amazonite Beaded Crescent Pendant Necklace

Our Rajiyah collection combines amazonite gemstone bead chips and seed beads in boho chic designs with silver finish. This fair trade crescent pendant necklace is handcrafted by master artisans in Old Delhi, featuring ethically sourced crystals, turquoise colored seed beads, and recycled metal and wires. The result is an eye-catching crescent pendant necklace with timeless boho appeal. The attractive combination of silver and teal make this a versatile statement piece which can be dressed up or down, enjoyed indoors and out! Amazonite is a soothing stone of hope connected to the throat and heart chakras, both healing and empowering. This gemstone is associated with healing and opening both the heart and throat chakras to boost confidence, improve communication skills, and enhance loving communication. Amazonite healing properties are thought to include calming the brain as well as dissipating negative energy and blockages within the nervous system. It is believed to clear away worries, doubts, and fears while increasing joy, love, and optimism. For those exploring jewelry for healing through gemstones, this semi precious stone pendant necklace is an ethical gift option supercharged with crystals for heart chakra healing, crystals for throat chakra healing, crystals for nervous system balancing, and crystals for hope and strength. For those seeking unique handcrafted jewelry, ethically made jewelry, fair trade jewelry, eye-catching festival jewelry, boho jewelry, or simply something fresh and alluring, our Rajiyah collection will have you covered.

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Item Code: JM 252


1.5"L, 1.75"W pendant; 34"L chain