Paradise Hearts Paper Mache Boxes Set Of 6 – Hand Painted Assorted

This vibrant set of 6 paper mache, heart shaped boxes are handcrafted in India utilizing traditional papier mache techniques. The process is similar to modern papier mache, incorporating recycled newspaper, cloth, and rice or straw to create the pulp. Once the paste is set and dried, the artwork is created freehand using non-toxic paints and finished with lacquer. This art form has been passed down from generation to generation. Each box will feature an intricate, one-of-a-kind Indian painting of birds and flowers expressed with Indian design aesthetics and motifs. This is lovely gift on its own or to use as a unique gift box for a special occasion. This heart box set could be used for stocking stuffers around the holidays or to hide small gifts around the home or yard for others to race and find. These alluring boxes could serve as a ring box for engagement, a small jewelry box, a necklace box, an earring box, a rare coin box, a box for crystals, a sewing kit box, or a money gift box. The possibilities are vast! In this way, you will give a gift that keeps on giving. The unique gift box will serve as a functional work of art to beautify the recipient’s home, studio, or office for many years to come.

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Item Code: CKB 118


2.5"L, 2.5"W, 1.5"H