Natural Dyes Tree of Life Wall Hanging

This is a new version of our traditional Tree of Life Wall Hangings. The base is made of Organic Cotton, and the artwork is hand appliqued from a single piece that has been block printed with natural dyes. There are two different designs: a red one and a green one.

These are Fair Trade products handmade by an all-women cooperative in India. The artisans have been practicing the art of applique for generations, and have been inspired by local motifs in their villages. They work in collaboration with the artisans that hand block-print the fabrics that are used in products such as our Eco Shoppers or our Melange Bags. Both artisan groups are compensated fairly for their work, and are given development help to help their communities rise above poverty.

Composition: Organic Cotton, Natural Cotton, Natural Dyes

To learn more about the artisans who create this product, click here.


30″ × 50″