Jute Symphony Tote Bags

These colorful, striped bags come in two different colors, Spring and Water. Both bags are made of jute, a very durable and sustainable textile more commonly known as burlap, and are very roomy. Spring is made up of warmer colors such as bright pink and orange. Outlining the bag is a cross-stitching of orange and blue jute threads. Water, on the other hand, is made of cooler colors such as purple, blue and black. Outlining the bag is a stitching like that of Spring; however, the jute threads are yellow and purple.

Both colors close with a magnetic snap and have a large zipper pocket and smaller open pocket on the inside. Inside both bags is a mustard-yellow lining with dark red Henna-like flowers; this same design outlines the thick straps of the bags. They also have a 4” depth, giving the bag a flat bottom which allows you to place the bag down without it falling over! This bag is perfect for carrying heavy groceries, textbooks or simple everyday use. Don’t forget to throw in the Jute Symphony Cosmetic Case to match!

Color: Multi-colored
Composition: Jute and cotton

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Variations of this product
SAB 305 – Spring
SAB 306 – Water
SAB 301 – Matching Spring Cosmetic Case
SAB 302 – Matching Water Cosmetic Case

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12” x 18” x 4”