Appliqué Pouches

This artful bag mixes a variety of texture and color with four layers of cotton. Perfect for organization, travel and storing essentials on-the-go A bright lining is covered with beautiful hand-appliquéd layering and a crochet trim. Accented with a soft, leather tassel charm. Metal zipper closure.

Variations of this product

SEBG 320 – A. Large Applique Pouch – Lilac
SEBG 319 – B. Large Applique Pouch – Sage
SEBG 318 – C. Large Applique Pouch – Rose
SEBG 323 – D. Small Applique Pouch – Sky
SEBG 322 – E. Small Applique Pouch – Lemon
SEBG 321 – F. Small Applique Pouch – Citrus
SEBG GP 102 – Applique Pouch – Bundle Discount

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