All Clean- Soaps (Set of 10)

Each soap in this collection was handcrafted using ancient Indian ayurvedic techniques. The fruity, all-natural ingredients of these soaps mean that incorporating these invigorating scents into the daily routine will provide an invigorating boost with each wash. In addition to the stimulation of the senses the scents provide, the soap itself is made of vegetable glycerin and free of detergents and phosphates, so it’s gentle, the aromatic lather will not dry skin.

Each soap is individually wrapped in beautiful block-printed upcycled fabric, making them perfect for immediate hassle-free gifting. Receive two of each five scents in a set of ten.

Materials: natural herbs and ingredients, cotton packaging, paper packaging

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Item Code: MHS 103


3.25" x 2" x 1.5"