World Environment Day

Venue: Gwalior, M.P.
(5th June 2010)

This year, the World Environment Day was celebrated at SETU with an exciting theme “Know & save your environment” which is selected with a view to generate awareness on environment related issues. The whole activity took place in Dindayal city mall at Gwalior where the target participants were store owners, small shopkeepers/retailers & end customers. SETU team explained the importance of using eco-friendly products to the people. A lot of eco-friendly alternatives were displayed which can replace poly bags, such as recycled newspaper bags, re-usable cloth shopping bags, recycled fabric bags, natural fiber bags, recycled cassette tape bags etc. Customers were also requested to bring their own reusable shopping bags while shopping to reduce the use of poly bags.

The highlight of the occasion was an `environment day’ quiz featuring a simple questionnaire. Lots of prizes (which consisted of eco-friendly jute bags as well as lead free fashion jewelry) were also announced & distributed in the end to motivate people.

Many people admitted that they had never actually given a thought on how poly bags were ruining our environment and that they too had a significant contribution towards that. Many did introspection in this regard while it was quite an enlightening event for some.

We hope that with this endeavor of ours we have been able to generate at least some level of awareness towards environment and the motivation to protect it