World Environment day at SETU

June 5 is celebrated globally as World Environment Day. To mark the green occasion, SETU organised a tree plantation and environment protection awareness campaign at Kailash puri, Gajsingh pura, Ajmer road Jaipur, Rajasthan. The theme for this year’s WED campaign at SETU was “Green and healthy surroundings- Our responsibility”

SETU is associated with tailoring artisans who reside in the above slum. There are very less trees there and the area has scarcity of fresh water. The roads are kachha (broken, unkempt) with poor drainage outlets. The households’ waste water keeps on collecting in front of the houses, on the roads..

SETU team met the local people there and made them understand the importance of a healthy and greener environment. They told the importance of water to people and asked them to use it reasonably. The team came out with a solution to water the trees & plants here and suggested to use the waste water for gardening purposes, thus putting the otherwise unusable water to good use and also the beauty of the gardens can be maintained!!

Spreading the green word, SETU team also carried out tree plantation in which the local people too participated with vigor and promised to take care of the planted trees. The kitchen drainage waste water was channelled so that it reaches the plants.

Around 150 families were contacted for the event and plantation was done in 75 houses. All trees planted were sponsored by SETU. Another topic discussed at length in the session was climate change. It was stressed that we should be alert about environment conservation measures and that the best way to make our surroundings pollution free is to plant more and more trees.