Workshop on World Fair Trade Day – 2023

Place: Govindgarh
Date: 13.5. 2023

The theme for World Fair Trade Day 2023 is “Reimagining the Economy: Regenerative Businesses for the Future.” This theme highlights the need to shift our economic system towards regenerative and sustainable practices. Fair trade is all about ethics and sustainability and prioritizing People & Planet over selfish Profits.

To celebrate the occasion, SETU conducted a Workshop amongst our rural artisans in the Govindgarh village, near Jaipur. Our team explained all the principles of Fair Trade to the participants and the importance of sustainability & circular processes. About 60 women & men attended the workshop. These artisans work on recycled raw materials and create some of our beautiful & functions upcycled products.

With Fair Trade, we hope for a future filled with justice, peace, dignity and love for all!