Workshop on women’s rights & Free distribution of Solar Lanterns…

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. SETU celebrated the occasion with the underprivileged women artisan community of Barmer, Rajasthan engaged in embroidery and appliqué work. SETU is associated with the artisan community since past many years.

The artisans of the region are facing an acute shortage of electricity which is hampering their quality of life. Many homes do not have electricity and where power is available, the power cuts are quite frequent and the artisans have to carry out craft work and their household chores in the day time only. Also, the children are unable to study after dark. So SETU decided to provide them with the environment friendly alternative, solar lanterns!! These lanterns are safe, eco friendly and produce good amount of light. SETU distributed the lanterns for free to the women artisans.

Discussion on key women’s issues was also done in the program. They were made aware of the importance & rights of women in the society. Women have the power to achieve anything they want and that there has been a drastic positive change in the status of women in the society in the last few years. In the present times, women are working in every field; be it medical, engineering, air force or any other area of expertise. Women folk form an important part of the workforce of our country.
“Educating the girl child- the need of the hour”, this topic was also discussed in detail in the session. SETU team stressed on the fact that primary education is every child’s right and they should be educated; irrespective of the gender. An educated girl can take care of her children and family in a better way and can also provide financial support. The male folk of the society should come forward and support female education in every possible way; be it in the role of a social worker, father, brother or husband.
Other Key issues discussed in the Programme were:
• Awareness on women’s rights like equal claim on ancestral property.
• Child Marriage act
• Knowledge on Domestic Violence Law stature
• Awareness on Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994. It is an act of the Parliament of India enacted to stop female foeticide. The act banned any type of prenatal sex determination..
• Girl Child Education