Workshop on Fair Trade

HELD ON: (October 11, 2011)
VENUE: Maharaja Pratap College of Technology, GWALIOR (M.P.)

SETU conducted ‘Campus outreach program’ to spread awareness about Fair Trade among the students of `MPCT University’, which is one of the renowned Universities in various sphere of edification including Engineering, Dental & Management. The audience was young crowd of sixty-seven students therefore; the motive behind conducting the program was to spread the message of Fair Trade and Sustainable development amongst our future leaders of the country.

A Team of SETU including Ms. Rashmi Dhariwal, Ms. Archana Chauhan and Ms. Gulmohar Matta addressed the gathering where its head Rashmi was the speaker in this program. The session threw light on the basics of Fair Trade & ways about how to alleviate poverty and promote sustainability through ethical practices along with the opportunities in this sector as well as ifs & buts and pros & cons. She also enlightened the crowd on the initiatives of Fair Trade Forum -India and the Fair Trade Movement all over the globe along with the ‘World Economic Pyramid’. The aim of the whole session was to share and disseminate the proper message to the students who in future can make difference by carrying the Fair Trade torch forward & choosing handcrafted and recycled products over the ordinary ones while shopping and knowingly or unknowingly putting their bit to this righteous work.

At the end lag of the lecture, students excitedly participated during the interactive puzzles and discussion round, by sharing their views on the need of Fair Trade in developing World. Eco-friendly bags were distributed as prizes to those answering the questions correctly. The session was liked and complimented by many and the organization was applauded for its efforts towards this noble cause.

Once the lecture was over, SETU Team organized Hi-Tea for the students and faculty. The lecture was only possible with the help of the Director of the College “Brig. J. Matta (Retd.)” and his Faculty members. The Head of Department Ms. Namrata Gupta assured SETU’s team for help in a manner where their students can act as Volunteers in future events of the organization.