Workshop on Capacity Building & Self-development for our artisans

Workshop on Capacity Building & Self-development for our artisans of Kutch, Gujarat
(October 8, 2011 to October 10, 2011)

Venue: Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat

A total of three workshops were organized by SETU for the artisans of Bhuj, Kutch with the help & co-operation of our partner NGOs viz. Khamir CRC, Qasab & VGS. The venues chosen were the artisan facilitation Centers of these three NGOs, in and around Bhuj, for maximum & easy accessibility of artisans. The three days long program was held from October 8, 2011 to October 10, 2011 at VGS, Khamir CRC and Qasab respectively.

Following programs were covered in the Workshops:

  • Capacity Building
  • Self-development
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Health, Hygiene & sanitation

The participant artisans included craft persons associated with bell making, batik printing, dyeing, tailoring, embroidery, weaving, door-to-door directly linked collective female workers, SHG (Self Help Group Members) etc. At Qasab, the participants were all women, at Khamir, they were all men and at VGS, both men & women participated. In all, 110 artisans benefitted from the workshops.

The workshop included various topics such as Time management, Quality improvement, increasing production capacity, risk taking capacity, innovative thinking, building positive attitude etc. Guidance was given on how to use effective procedures, how to absorb latest information and apply it.

As part of livelihood promotion, information on how to achieve self-employment and start own `Gruh Udyog’ i.e. domestic production was imparted. How to avail the facilities & support available for such ventures and how to manage these were informed.

Knowledge was given on how to achieve & retain the maximum nutrients from available local food substances and how to incorporate vital ingredients in their diet.

Health education for women was also provided. Special emphasis was laid on use of sanitary napkins for improving hygiene. SETU plans to provide them with sanitary napkins shortly to assist them in this regard.

Some additional issues for the betterment of day-to-day life such as equality amongst men and women, removing personal grudges & betterment of married life were also discussed.
In all, the motive was to guide them to adopt techniques that can help them to increase production and improve their skills along with upgrading their personal lives.

The workshops were highly interactive in nature. At the end, specially designed questionnaires were distributed among the participants to judge the knowledge grasped by them & to access the change in their attitude levels after the workshop.

The overall program was a huge success and SETU plans to conduct more such workshops for more artisans in future.