Work sheds for bell making artisans…

August 2023

Infrastructure plays a crucial role in supporting and enhancing the livelihoods of grassroot artisans. It not only improves their economic prospects but also contributes to social, cultural, and environmental sustainability. Most artisans engaged in traditional handicrafts & micro-scale manufacturing, often have limited resources and minimal access to modern facilities. Therefore, SETU focuses on providing infrastructural support to their artisans as part of our capacity building & livelihood generation initiatives.

SETU’s bell making artisans are located in remote areas and often have to face to harsh climatic conditions like earthquakes, cyclones, dry spells, excessive heat etc. SETU has not only been supporting them with marketing platform, but also by providing them with technically upgraded furnaces, tools, work-sheds, safety kits, design support etc. from time to time.

In June 2023, a cyclone named Biporjoy created havoc in Gujarat. Many of our bell making artisans in Kutch area got severely affected. The cyclone even blew away their homes & work-sheds. This was a serious loss and so, upon being contacted by the artisans, SETU immediately sponsored new work-sheds for them. This support not only helped them to stand on their own feet quickly, but also boosted their morale.

Some of the artisans, named Naveen Bhai Satvara and Ramzan Hasan Luhar, who were badly affected by the cyclone, back to their work after new work sheds 😊