Training Workshop providing livelihood opportunities to Women

With an underlying motive of increasing livelihood opportunities available to poor women homemakers, a training workshop was organised by SETU Society on 6th September 2013 at Shaktinagar (Nivar road) Jaipur. The basic thought behind carrying out the workshop was to help women in contributing towards the family income by making them learn the art of jewelry making & simple bags, from easily available recycled fabrics.

The following key agendas were covered in the workshop:

• To help par gender inequality present in the society especially among the poor, uneducated and oppressed sections. Giving motivational talks and providing a platform to women to voice their grievances.
• Empowering women by helping them become independent both economically and emotionally.
• Helping women gain self confidence and respect from their families.

The preparations for the workshop started two days before the actual date finalised for the training programme. SETU team went door to door explaining the importance of self employment to the local women folk. Names of women who showed interest in the idea were registered in the list.

The 2 days free training programme ran from 6th to 7th September at Nivar road, Jaipur.  About 18 women participated in the workshop.

In the workshop women learnt the art of making Fashion Jewelry and other accessories like hair bands, colourful rubber bands etc. These products can be easily made at home from used saree fabric and thus can act as a source of income generation for the women. The raw material like wood pearls, recycled saree fabric and other such stuff required to make the products was provided by SETU. Self employment not only helps women in contributing towards the family income but also empowers them, increasing their confidence in themselves and helping them carve out a life of dignity. This workshop was one such effort towards our goal of inducting complete independency in women.