Tailoring Workshop

Tailoring Workshop (24-27 September) , Ashok colony Gwalior

A four-day tailoring workshop was organized for the residents of `Nadi Par Taal’, Ashok colony,Gwalior. The people come from the underprivileged and downtrodden sections of the society who make a living by working as seasonal wage laborers and thus fall short of employment all the year round.The training programme was conducted to introduce tailoring as an alternate livelihood options to the beneficiaries thereby opening new avenues for them.Women across all age groups participated in the session where they were told how to efficiently cut and stitch a fabric. Tailoring expert Ms. Saroj Singh, was engaged by SETU to provided training. Ms Saroj is an experienced trainer and has provided tailoring training to many women in the past.

In the 4 day programme, women learnt the basics of tailoring and stitched one one sample piece on their own. Women made blouses, salwar kameez and beautiful bags.. All the raw material to be used in the training programme like fabrics, laces, mirrors, elastics, bukram etc. was provided by SETU ( completely free of cost) . Also, SETU provided them with Sewing machines ( 3 nos.) for the training purpose.

The basic purpose was to train the semi-skilled women for all round tailoring so that they can not only stitch their own clothes but can also earn a livelihood by stitching clothes of their neighbors and local community.