Tailoring centre for underprivileged women artisans..
Another step towards promoting self-sustainability…

With the objective of providing self-employment opportunities to the underprivileged women artisans, a training centre was started at the Sanjay Nagar slum area of Jaipur, about 4 months back. A lot of women here have already learnt various skills & are able to produce bags, buntings and a range of other home decor items. Looking at the interest of many women & to add more skill sets, a tailoring set-up was also extended at the Training Centre. The objective was to train those who are new to this work but want to learn the basics of tailoring like cutting and sewing.

The tailoring session kick-started with a total of 10 women artisans participating on the very first day. Timings of the centre are fixed daily between 2 to 4 PM. Designers from SETU demonstrated the artisans how to cut a pattern of a design on a newspaper and then stitching the same. 4 heavy duty, motorized sewing machines were installed at the centre so that women can learn and produce even if they had no sewing machine of their own.. 🙂  These machines also have pedals and could work without electricity, if needed. Also they are heavy duty and quite sturdy and can be used to set up a good home based tailoring business..

Women artisans learnt a variety of product designs in the session. Some of them expressed to work from home and thus have been provided with tailoring assignments, they can make the products from their home and SETU will then help them in selling the produce in the market. The raw material & accessories required for the tailoring centre has also been arranged by SETU.

The feedback for the centre is very positive and women have benefited a lot from the establishment. Some of them have started their own work and are self-employed..  We wish to start more such centres in future.. 🙂