Tailoring and Designing skills workshop for underprivileged women..

With a view to promote sustainable livelihood opportunities, SETU conducted a 15 day long tailoring and designing workshop for the underprivileged women at Wazirabad. The training programme started on 5th of May and continued till 20th May 2016.

The women involved belonged mostly to minority communities with male dominating environment. Many of the participating girls and women artisans in the workshop were sole breadwinners of the family and needed financial support.

The objective of the workshop was to make the women artisans proficient in tailoring and designing skills, that can be used by them afterwards to establish their own enterprise.

A total of 30 women artisans participated in the livelihood workshop. For the workshop, artisans with basic knowledge of tailoring were selected. An expert trainer was appointed for the programme.

In the session, training was provided in the following areas of tailoring expertise:

• Cutting a fabric
• Stitching wide range of feminine clothing like blouses, salwar kamiz etc.
• Designing and embroidery on fabric.

The raw material required for the tailoring workshop like sewing machines, needles, bukram, different types of thread, fabric and chalk were also provided by Setu. The session was conducted in two batches, with one batch running from 10:00 to 12:00 in the morning and second batch from 2 to 4 pm in the evening.

Trainees were divided into two batches of 15 each with one group attending the morning batch and the other group evening batch. The Programme ran successfully with artisans attending the sessions regularly.. 🙂