Sponsoring Compressor Machine for wood & bone carving artisans…
A technology upgradation initiative…

November 2023

Many grass root artisans still follow outdated& manual production techniques. This results in unnecessary drudgery, low efficiency, fatigue and increased wastages. By minimizing physical toll on artisans, there is an increase in productivity and efficiency. They can produce more goods and services in less time, contributing to economic growth. With saving of time & energy, they can also focus on skill development & innovation. This can lead to production of more intricate and high-quality goods, opening up new markets and opportunities.

SETU focuses on providing upgraded tools & technology to our partner artisans, as part of capacity building programs.  Therefore, SETu sponsored a multi-utility compressor machine to one of our artisan groups engaged in producing wood & bone products. With various types of attachment, this machine can be used for fixing of nails & rivets, lacquer spraying, cleaning & dust removal etc. The compressor is of advanced technology and is practically noiseless.

Few advantages of the machine are:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Reduction in manual drudgery
  3. Improved quality of production
  4. Reduced rejections
  5. Reduced Wastage

Artisans are quite happy with the machine. We hope to do more such projects in future after need–identification with other artisans too.