Skill Upgradation Workshop with Wood Carving Artisans

Venue: Bijnor, U.P.
(June 13- July 2, 2012)

The art of wood carving is prevalent from ancient years. Passed down from generation to generation, this traditional skill provides livelihood to countless no. of artisans & their families.

However, with time it is being observed that the percentage of older people practicing this craft is increasing. Ageing & failing health keeps them away from work frequently. Though the younger generation at this time knows this art but there is a strong need to give them formal training to improve the quality & perfection needed. The trained young craftsmen would then be able to give the art a new life & sustain longer. So to involve and prepare this new brigade for the trade, a Skill-Upgradation Workshop was planned.

SETU sponsored a 21 days “Skill Upgradation” Workshop at Bijnor from13th June to 2nd July to increase livelihood generation opportunities. A total of 12 young artisans were trained by  Master Craftsmen on different aspects of wood carving. This included procurement of wood & judging wood quality, production and quality control. Wooden handicrafts being handcrafted, many issues have to be taken care of. All the products have to be necessarily made from seasoned wood only, procured raw from the Government auction stalls.

We hope to source products from these young artisans soon.

With SETU’s collaboration, the artisan group is involved in many welfare activities for the society. With our sustainable support, growth is seen in every aspect, the no. of permanent artisans increased by 200%, wages almost doubled in the last 2 years, and education levels are increasing. Above all, the younger generation is taking up this age old profession with pride.